User Cache


General Cache Information

APCu Version4.0.10
PHP Version5.3.29
APCu ( (
Server SoftwareLiteSpeed
Shared Memory1 Segment(s) with 128.0 MBytes
(mmap memory)
Start Time2016/12/14 19:13:36
Uptime 0 minutes
File Upload Support1

Cache Information

Cached Variables186 (520.0 KBytes)
Request Rate (hits, misses)516.47 cache requests/second
Hit Rate509.77 cache requests/second
Miss Rate6.70 cache requests/second
Insert Rate38.79 cache requests/second
Cache full count0

Runtime Settings

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Host Status Diagrams

Memory Usage
(multiple slices indicate fragments)
Hits & Misses
 Free: 127.5 MBytes (99.6%)  Hits: 21920 (98.7%)
 Used: 560.3 KBytes (0.4%)  Misses: 288 (1.3%)

Detailed Memory Usage and Fragmentation

Fragmentation: 0.14% (181.3 KBytes out of 127.5 MBytes in 17 fragments)