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APCu Version Information

You are running an older version of APCu (4.0.10), newer version 5.1.7 is available at

Change Log:

APCu 5.1.7
- fixes gh#19: hung apaches on pthread wrlocks
- fixes gh#203: segfaults in bailout / longjmp
APCu 5.1.6
- fixes gh#19: Hung apaches on pthread wrlocks
- fixes gh#188: Fix Segfault in ZTS build when locking (Tyson Andre)
- fixes gh#194: apcu_entry ttl not working
- fixes gh#189: SegFault in apc_copy_zval
- fixes gh#185: zend_mm_heap corrupted
- fixes gh#190: memory leak/failed check for duplicates
APCu 5.1.5
- fix version check in control panel page (gh#182, lennartwesdijk)
- do not create null strings, palloc may fail
APCu 5.1.4
- fix possible memory leak
- fix gh#168 drop trying to return strings from shm
- fix gh#170 do not create entries when serialization fails
APCu 4.0.11
- fix #176 segfault when apc.preload_path contains bad data
- fix bad data used in test suite
APCu 5.1.3
- fixed macro using interlocked increment in Windows
- fix gh#158 apc_inc() with negative step value hangs the process
- fix gh#164 apc_inc() can take minutes with huge step value
APCu 5.1.2
- be really consistent with APC in use of atomics